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Is a national scale company that was established on September 9, 2020, previously a company incorporated as a Commodity Partnership (CV).

with specialization in Construction Management, Telecommunication Construction, Building Construction, as well as trading and Wholesale Services.

The development of the company to meet the progress and penetration of the company's business as well as to meet the quality of service to clients, in January 2023, CV Arshaka was changed to a limited liability company or Legal Entity "PT".

Our Goal

Arshaka Raya Perkasa

With values, we aim to achieve corporate goals that have a broad impact on society by setting value standards such as : Integrity (doing the right thing), Excellence (doing work with the best standards), Customer's Focus (providing the best solutions for customers), Continuous Learning (never stop learning), Enthusiasm (doing work wholeheartedly). With such value standards, we are well prepared to be a trusted partner by partner companies. Until the future, our company wants to become a well-known company in the field of telecommunications in Indonesia.

Work Experience

PT Arshaka Raya Perkasa

wants to help you grow your business, with the best results.

Working on SITAC and IMB from provider PT. Tower Bersama Group (TBG), PT. Sulusindo Kereasi Pratama (SKP), PT. Solusi Tunas Pratama (STP) is the operator of XL and Telkomsel in Bali, NTB and NTT.

Working on SITAC, IMB, Renewal (Contract Extension) from provider PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi, PT. Solusi Tunas Pratama (STP) is the operator of XL and Telkomsel in Bali, NTB and NTT.
Working on Outdoorization, Growding Genset Room, CME, SITAC and IMB from provider PT. Sentralindo Mandiri Perkasa (CMP), PT. Centratama Menara Indonesia (CMI), PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel), PT. Propesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Protelindo), PT. Tower Bersama Group (TBG), PT. Sulusindo Kereasi Pratama (SKP), PT. Sulusi Tunas Pratama (STP) XL and Telkomsel Operator in Bali, NTB and NTT areas
Working on CME, Dismentle, Audit, SITAC, and IMB from provider PT. Tower Bersama Group (TBG), PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel), PT. Persada Sokka Tama (PST), Operators of XL, Indosat, 3 and Telkomsel in the NTB and NTT areas Working on Procurement of Goods and LCC Baffles from PT. State Electricity Company (PLN) in Mataram

Consult for free according to your Telecommunication Tower service needs.

(62) 877-7975-8435

Baiq Dian Juni Astuti N.A,S.T

(62) 823-4189-0001

Lalu Budi Arianto, S.T

Company Objectives

Want to help you grow your business, with the best results.


Wholeheartedly providing the best results oriented to service user satisfaction


Upholding professionalism


Best business practices and organizational models by promoting the values of safety, punctuality, service and comfort.


Striving to become a leading company in the field of telecommunications development in Indonesia

In the Labor Placement Management and Development Sector, PT. ARP has the financial ability to carry out the placement of workers above 500 people who are led by experts who have the competence in managing the labor placement business.

Our commitment to clients is to provide the best service for clients in accordance with the business sector in their placement by placing competent workers according to the assigned tasks, appropriate to carry out the tasks required by the Client, and achieve the targets that become client goals. It is part of our pride to provide and perform our best business services to our clients and stake holders.

PT Arshaka Raya Perkasa (ARP)
Expanding Service and Business Networks, Among Others


PT Arshaka Raya Perkasa

Businesses led by experts in the placement of labor, more effective and efficient in terms of


interview the required workforce according to client needs, to assess and evaluate the ability of workers, from non-skilled / inexperienced workers to skilled / experienced workers and from those who have just finished education (Graduated) to professional workers.

Efficient organization

bringing in labor, to arrive at the work site on time and to arrange cost-effective transportation methods.


Arrangements Reliable and experienced personnel in managing and implementing payroll, taxation, insurance and employment requirements governed by national laws and local wisdom where the workforce is placed.


PT ARP in providing its services


Flexible in placing manpower to support and cooperate with the company's existing / permanent workforce, in meeting targets and plans for project / work completion from the lowest start cycle to the busiest cycle of work required.

Control by Client

With the workforce of "ARP" the Client maintains operational control on every aspect of the work/project from start to finish. Permanent/permanent employees of the client work together side by side in pursuit of the client's targets and completion of work and are fully under the control and direction of the client's management.

Labor Competency Guarantee

Non-Skilled Personnel, Skilled/Expert Personnel, Professional Personnel of "ARP" are recruited, hired and selected only after conducting a detailed background check of the workforce. And "ARP" will fully guarantee the performance and behavior of workers if at any time the client is not satisfied with "ARP" workers and get the right reasons to decide on immediate action including the option of terminating workers for the client.

Bureaucratic and Administrative Efficiency

With workers under "ARP" including worker payroll, all matters relating to administrative requirements, Labor Social Security / BPJS, Income Tax, Worker Compensation, Holiday pay allowances, Payroll due to illness, and comprehensive risks and labor overheads become the duties and responsibilities of "ARP" so as to cut down on the bureaucratic affairs of workers and their administration and payment.

Competitive Fee Management

"ARP" rates are highly competitive, where the value of the client's overhead in recruiting and hiring permanent employees is lower than the services provided by "ARP".

What are our services?

We Provide Communication Tower Services With The Best Service And Satisfactory Results

Telecommunication Tower Construction

Leading mobile tower construction, providing management consulting services in the field of telecommunications and communications buildings

System Recruitmen Project dan Out Sourcing

"ARP" conducts direct recruitment by cooperating with clients according to the required labor needs, then submitted to the client for further processing after approval of the submission of labor that has been recruited by "ARP" where the employee status will be directly employed by the client.


Land acquisition and arrangement of agreements for fiber optic works, construction of BTS towers or related to permits for the construction of telecommunications support facilities.

Direct Employment Placement (Seconded)

"ARP" conducts recruitment and placement of work directly at the client's place, by directly hiring employees, carrying out administration, salary payments, insurance payments, allowance payments, and labor reporting to the local government or reporting required in the smooth running of the client's work.

Building Construction

We build buildings faster and more efficiently with modern technology.

Foreign Workers - Contract and Documentation Services

At the request of the Client "ARP" prepares the necessary Foreign Labor Contracts and Documentation in the event that the Client requires Professional and Technical labor to support the work performed.

Leading cell tower construction, providing management consulting services in telecommunications and building construction.









A company engaged in trading and management consulting services in the telecommunications sector.

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